Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

  • To get self-actualization as education provider.
  • To produce intelligent, capable, confident, self-dependent and morally uprights citizens with a high sense of integrity.
  • To provide proper environment for physical, mental, emotional and psychological growth thereby providing life sill education to equip them to face the multifarious competitive world.
  • To preserve cultural heritage of India.
  • Character Building and imbibing values.
  • Combating materialism and hedonism.
  • To provide student centered curriculum for creating interest in studies.
  • To provide the holistic growth of the child’s personality where the educational program is output oriented.
  • To develop in the student, a true standard of morality, culture and character as taught by sages and saints of the world.
  • To create peaceful atmosphere, which allows greater absorption with less distraction.
  • To give emphasis on disciplined personality, culture activities and public speaking.
  • Use of innovative, modern and psychological teaching methodology by a team of well-qualified, trained and experienced faculty.
  • To inculcate truth, goodness and beauty using friendly relation between and students.
  • To organize seminars, ground discussion, debates, educational tours, creative activities, case study, decision making, practice extempore, coping with stress etc.

Our Vision

Three things necessary to make every student ideal, virtuous and great are to inculcate in them :-

  • Conviction of the power of goodness.
  • Absence of Jealousy and suspicion.
  • Being helpful and doing good and above all POSITIVE BENT OF MIND and courage of conviction.
  • And to make them: professionally skilled, socially committed and culturally integrated persons.
  • Holistic society of compassionate humans to have spiritually enlightened and intellectually awakened humans.

Thought Of The Day

” If you are thinking of one year, plant rice, If you are thinking of one decade, plant trees, If you are thinking of century, educate the people. “

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