About Emerald Convent School, Greater Faridabad

Since 1998 at its inception, Emerald’s vision was laid down by the Arya Dayanand Shiksha Samiti. It was the vision to establish institution for bringing equality in the society by education for all. Today EMERALD CONVENT SCHOOL has become a household name for success and academics. Well planned infrastructure and well planned curriculum is speaking its own success saga with 2 schools which were established in 1998. The society is nurtured by many great philanthropists and official and non-official enthusiasts and today thousands of children are being nurtured and nourished in the soothing shade of this mammoth tree of education society.

Now the society has brought up the EMERALD CONVENT SCHOOL, which is the result of toiling research for years. This temple of learning which is cosmopolitan in outlook and co-educational in character, designed to forge ahead with studies, aims at producing scholars by imparting education in conformity with high ideals of truth, tolerance, selfless services and devotion. The school is housed in excellent building to cater to the educational needs of all sections of the society.

The school ensures the stress free education to every child without putting the stress education to every child without putting extra pressure. EMERALD CONVENT SCHOOL has emerged as the tool for self motivation and self learning initiative for which generally every parent is talking. The school should be solution provider rather than problem creator. The well balanced curriculum blended with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities ensures the children’s Sociological, Biological, Physical and Emotional growth.

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We shall focus on creating equal opportunities for every student and teacher of our school. We shall integrate human skills and technology into the rapidly evolving educational landscape of our inclusive school. We shall use learner centered pedagogical practices which will enable us to re-consider, re-imagine and re-construct powerful new ways of learning to foster life-long learning. We shall strive to be a human rich school with commitment to judicious use of resources such as water, power, vegetation and more.


We envision our school to be a coming together of diverse learning fields, scholastic, co-scholastic, technologies and artistic, to inculcate a STEAM rich attitude and aptitude in which mental and physical health are ably looked after through sensitivity to individual differences. We envision a seamless integration of all experiential platforms to cultivate the inner self of each member of school fraternity. We envision our school to be a happy and positive centre of learning with respect for environment and natural resources as well.

Our Focus Areas

  •  Equal opportunities and respect for all students at all levels
  •  Inclusive Education with sensitivity for varying abilities
  •  Experiential Learning at every level in every subjects
  •  Student centric environment
  •  Self directed learning alongside collaborative group work with awareness of learning outcomes
  •  Integration of technology into academics as a tool for learning and for innovation
  •  Life skills for life competence and life values for self-identity as Indian and global citizens
  •  Cultural and artistic excellence for joyous response to life
  •  Commitment to conservation of natural resources
  •  Strong awareness of inter-connectivity of life and relationships with positive attitude towards community service
  •  Practical life skills and vocational inclination

Trust Us Know Us

  •  Do trust us for our approach, guidance and pedagogical choices as being progressive and developmental.
  •  Do trust our team of competent teachers who carry the advantages of experience and innovative approach to learning alongside genuine involvement with students
  •  Do trust our efforts to upgrade our skills through workshops, training programmes, consultations with experts on regular basis in order to create a vibrant and sensitive learning environment.
  •  Do trust our focus on leadership development alongside peer compassion and concern as we see a direct relationship with skills learnt at school with real life beyond the school.
  •  Do trust us as we place self-development and improvement higher than competition with peers and multi -dimensional skill set above any special subject or examination.